Manga Reading Software Download

Disclaimer : I do not own the software and  it’s only for entertainment purposes. All credit for the software goes to the creators.  But if the original owners have any objection regarding my distribution and promotion of their work, Please let me know .


Finally, i’m writing after a long hiatus. Feels good to write again.


Recently, people have been asking me about some manga reading software or something like that.


The answer is Mangameeya.

It’s an amazing software which enables you to read manga. It’s really easy to use and believe me it will give you great reading experience. With managameeya, you don’t need to extract the zip files. You can open them directly. I’ve been using it for years now and this is my only choice to read manga on my laptop.


All the manga download links that you’ll find (Death Note , Monster) will work smoothly with the mangameeya.

In case you’re wondering from where to download it , Click here .


Enjoy manga guys 🙂   


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