A New Direction

I started the page with the idea of sharing death note with everyone because I thought this is something people should watch and I just wanted to provide everyone the platform where they can easily get their hands on the manga. The idea intrigued me and the feeling of sharing something great with the people who share the same passion was  incredible.

 I am astonished with the response. When people comment and say thank you for the upload or how they were looking for it and they share their reasons, that feeling is just amazing and in those moments I think I’ve accomplished the objective after all.


I was thinking and I came to the conclusion that  there is more than just a manga or anime that I can share with everyone therefore I’m changing the name from “Manimega”(which was dedicated to just manga’s and anime’s) to “Pick Your Poison”, a multi platform, where you can choose from a range of cool stuff.


This will include OST’s , Classic Games (arcade and emulators, which we used to play back in the days), amazing collection of e book, manga and anime (of course) movies and TV shows related stuff  etc so, basically a kingdom for geeks, Geekdom.

So you might heard of this saying “We got gin, vodka, and rum. Pick your poison.”


So Pick your Poison fellas !!



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