The Dark Knight Soundtrack Download


The Dark Knight released (2008), the sequel to Batman Begins (2005) is one of the landmark movie of its genre and easily one of the best movie made in modern cinema and already cemented its place in the classics. Among all the factors that led to the praise of the movie (and there are lots of them), the soundtrack played a vital role. Similar to its predecessor , the Batman Begins sets the mood with its thunderous soundtrack, whether its the Batman chasing goons or Joker threatening the city and the credit goes to the legendary composer, Hans Zimmer.I’d like to share the soundtrack with everyone.


I do not claim Ownership of any content on this site which means i am doing this solely for Promotional use. But if the original owners have any objection regarding my distribution and promotion of their work, please let me know .
1. “Why So Serious?”

2. “I’m Not a Hero”

3. “Harvey Two-Face”

4. “Aggressive Expansion”

5. “Always a Catch”

6. “Blood on My Hands”

7. “A Little Push”

8. “Like a Dog Chasing Cars”

9. “I Am the Batman”

10. “And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad”

11. “Agent of Chaos”

12. “Introduce a Little Anarchy”

13. “Watch the World Burn”

14. “A Dark Knight”






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